Petit Poucet

Make Petit Poucet Action Pieces

The story of Petit Poucet (known in English as Hop o’ My Thumb) includes abandonment and near starvation, an escape from an ogre, magical “seven-league boots,” and stolen treasure.

Step One: Download the Images

You can choose to download either the single, full image or individual images broken down by panel.

(At this point, if you’re feeling French, you can also just follow the instructions on the card itself.)

Step Two: Cut Out the Pieces

Carefully cut around the dark border. Don’t cut the dotted line.

Step Three: Fasten Matching Pieces Together

Glue, staple or otherwise attach each piece to its mate, making sure that the illustrated side faces out. Don’t glue together the portion below the dotted line.

Step Four: Make the Stands

Fold out the section below the dotted lines on each sided to create a stand.

Step Five: Reenact the story of Petit Poucet

You can find the text in William Swinton and George R. Catchcart’s, Golden Book of Choice Readings (New York: American Book Company, 1880). It’s available online through  Google Books.